Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Liberal anxiety

David Limbaugh analyzes the left's reponse of hate using Katrina as an excuse:

It is inconceivable to me how a natural disaster could spark a virtual orgy in a political movement, but that seems to be precisely the effect of Hurricane Katrina on liberals.................

You would think the liberal cabal would have thoroughly discredited itself with its incessant crying of "wolf," but with mainstream media megaphones always at their back, they march on.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Bush hatred

Jay Nordlinger reviews regional bias:

In past columns, I’ve mentioned the tendency of people to come up to you — even if they don’t know you very well, or don’t know your politics — and say, “I hate Bush.” This happens with incredible frequency. Right-leaning friends of mine mention it all the time. People — in New York, in particular — come up to any Tom, Dick, or Harry and say, “I hate Bush.” They say it in full confidence that the other guy will agree. To them, it’s almost like saying, “I like puppy dogs and ice cream.” And yet, would you — a conservative — ever say, “I hate Hillary Clinton,” or “I hate Jimmy Carter,” or “I hate Barbra Streisand”? I can’t imagine it.

It might have to do with the towns in which I’ve lived (Ann Arbor, Cambridge, etc.). If you’re a conservative, you simply expect that others will revile your beliefs. I used to say, “I assume everyone’s a drunk, an adulterer, and an anti-Semite, until proven otherwise.” And in politics — more narrowly construed! — I always assume some variety of leftism. For one thing, it’s safer.

Sunday, September 25, 2005



David Brown in the WashPost (h/t to Betsy) tells only half the truth as usual:

One is the consciousness of legal liability that has permeated our culture in the most astonishing way. The shortest, safest school outing requires signed releases. School nurses can't give children a tablet of ibuprofen without parental permission. Paper coffee cups warn me that coffee is hot. I bought a kayak a couple of years ago that came with a sticker -- "Important Notice! Read Before Use!" -- informing me that kayaks are used on water and that people can drown if they don't wear life jackets or don't know how to swim.
He neglects (probably without conscious thought) to mention that school nurses are expected to refer children to abortionists without even notifying the parent, much less get permission.


The wholly owned political party

Mark Steyn describes the democrats:

That slab of meaningless emotive exhibitionism would make a good epitaph for the Democratic Party. The reality of life as a bigshot Dem is that what John Roberts is like "as a father" is less important than what George Soros is like as a sugar daddy. The more money shoveled at the party by Moveon.org, Hollywood, NOW and other unrepresentative fringes, the less it's able to see over the big pile of green to the electorate beyond. A party as thoroughly Sorosized as the Democrats is perforce downsized.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Standard Operating Procedure?

Christopher Adamo nails the left wing in one paragraph:

For liberals, the scope of the Katrina catastrophe, and the degree to which America is preoccupied with it, represent a golden opportunity to exploit emotions and distort circumstances as a means to maximize the political mileage that might be gained from it. Such callous behavior, while heartless and absolutely appalling, is also absolutely consistent with standard liberal operating procedure.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The dynamic left wing

Mike Adams discusses the characteristics of those on the left with a social disease:

Of course, I’m not suggesting that every liberal hippie from the 60s is a full-blown sociopath like my fellow chaperone. But the symptoms are always the same, aren’t they? His condescension towards blacks, his unwavering arrogance in the wake of his own obvious stupidity, his looting and hoarding of limited resources, his lack of respect for the truth, his the lack of respect for the property of others, and, mostly, his refusal to grow up.

My weekend in the mountains reminded me that liberalism is not really a political philosophy. Instead, it is a state of arrested emotional development. It is a way of thinking, which leads to no place in the real world. It is a place existing only in the imagination.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Media Lies and Trends

VDH assesses the recent media circus versus the later revealed truth:

Let ghoulish CNN file suit against the government to film all the bloated corpses it can find. Let a pontificating PBS "NewsHour" conduct more televised roundtables with grim-faced elites searching out purported national racism. But few any longer trust a frenzied media whose reporters and commentators continually prove as incompetent as they are disingenuous.

Was it too much to ask reporters to look to history to judge this recovery against other past disasters here and abroad? Could they have strived for accuracy instead of ratings — and at least made sure that the images from their cameras did not refute their own predetermined scripts?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Never trust a fellow lefty! Or hateful is as hateful does!

Kinsley has been forced out at the LA Slimes by his own left wing buddies (clones?):

NEW YORK Michael Kinsley, the high-profile editorial page honcho and columnist at the Los Angeles Times since 2004, has been forced out at the paper, ending on what he called a "bitter note."

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Hateful Press owned by hate-full democrats

Frank Salvato discusses the media treatment of the two parties re: the hurricane:

The shriekers of the mainstream media and the liberal left must have stopped by the "unlooted" stores of their hometowns for brand new batteries for the bullhorns because the hate-Bush, "let's blame him for everything" crowd is more shrill than ever.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Opportunistic racism and partisanship

The performance of the racist congressional black caucus as relief convoys which left their homes days earlier arrive in New Orleans should shame any political group and their members. Unfortunately the congressional racists have no shame and no sense of perspective. The same hate and hatefulness that drives the entire dimocratic party is on display again. Our enemies are not all overseas.

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