Sunday, May 28, 2006


Republican shame!!!!!!

Mark Steyn says it best:

So what does Hastert do? He and the House Republican leadership intervene in the case on behalf of the Democrat: They're strenuously objecting to the FBI having the appalling lese majeste to go to court, obtain a warrant and search Jefferson's office. In constitutional terms, they claim it violates the separation of powers. In political terms, they're climbing right into the Frigidaire with Jefferson's crisp chilled billfold. What does the Republican base's despair with Congress boil down to? That the Gingrich revolutionaries have turned into the pampered potentates of pre-1994 Washington, a remote insulated arrogant elite interested only in protecting the privileges of the permanent governing class. But how best to confirm it? Hmm. What about if we send the Republican speaker out to argue that congressmen are beyond the jurisdiction of U.S. law-enforcement agencies?

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Why democrats cannot be trusted with national security!

James Taranto uses the weasel words of Bob Kerrey to illustrate the point:

Kerrey is a reasonably tough-minded Democrat--among other things, a supporter of Iraq's liberation. Yet he feels constrained to lionize aggressively fatuous youngsters as brave dissenters (or worse, he actually believes what he's saying about them). This is why Americans who care about national security can't trust liberal Democrats. If they can't show a little firmness and clarity with disorderly juvenile-Americans over whom they putatively exercise authority, how can they possibly stand up to America's mortal enemies?

Monday, May 15, 2006


More from the religion of peace

American Spectator:

To the Iranian leader all of the world's problems are the result of "disobedience to the Almighty and the teachings of the prophets," therefore the only solution is to accept his "invitation" to return to the teachings of the prophets and Islamic law. Therefore the U.S. should follow Iran's shining and holy example by supporting terror, treating women and non-Muslims as second-class citizens, and working toward a world without Israel. What's more, the West should abandon liberal democracy, toss Western civilization and its cultural legacy on history's ash heap and convert to Islam forthwith. Ahmadinejad doesn't want the U.S. to surrender to Iran, just to Islam. More disturbing is the fact that crazies like Ahmadinejad believe terrorism is the most effective way to bring about the West's surrender. And what more effective way to strike terror into the hearts of Americans than a nutjob with nuclear weapons?


Why Rush rules

Via The American Thinker

The key to success in this kind of enterprise is the host’s ability to articulate his positions in a logical and cogent manner. This is because most people will not listen for very long to an analysis-driven program if the analysis itself does not make rational sense.

And this is precisely where the crux of liberals’ problem lies. They are simply not able to explain and defend their views in rational fashion. This is not at all surprising, for how does one justify high taxes, gay marriage, abortion, multiculturalism and such? They are all based on false premises and they all produce disastrous outcomes. Anything more than a superficial examination must reveals them for the frauds and failures that they in truth are. This is why liberalism cannot withstand the analytical vigor of talk radio and why it has failed so abysmally in it.

Talk radio has thus exposed in a striking way a fatal flaw at the very heart of liberalism – its indefensibility by rational argument. Without having yet grasped it, it is the medium’s format that became liberals’ stumbling block.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Wetback terrorism

Jay Homnick sums up the illegals and their "bloodless terror boycotts":

The sum total of all this is that we are being confronted by the core principle of our age, the one hill that is still worth dying on: namely, that terrorism must never win. It's not enough to point out that, unlike the French frying of Beetles and the French toasting of Tauruses, our street-agitator illegals congregated without mayhem. They are still trying to grab by intimidation and muscle what they could not earn by cooperation and loyalty. We have no choice, if we hope to survive as a civilization, but to withhold political reward from terrorist activity, even the bloodless variety.

If someone wishes to solve the illegal immigration problem short of deportation, it cannot be done by capitulation. Among other things, that will lead to recapitulation of today's events before very long, this time by newly arrived millions. In order for any solution to provide resolution, it must clearly specify that any deal allowing illegals to apply now for legal status to avoid deportation must not include any credit for "time served." Their clock starts now, and they get on the back of the line like any new applicant.

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