Thursday, December 30, 2004


MSM has "standards"?

Powerline (via Instapundit) explains for the Minneapolis paper the "standards" or lack thereof a reader found in a discussion with an "editor" of the paper:

I asked the editor what standards Coleman's column was subject to at the Star Tribune. He said he didn't know; he would have to research the answer to that question and get back to me. But they do have standards, which is of course a relief!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Coleman v. Powerline

Thomas Lifson accurately sums up and references the mismatch between the Minneapolis newspaper's minions and the principals of the Powerline blog and the rest of the blogosphere . Mismatch is such a sweet term for the winners:

Others have speculated that Nick Coleman is "insane" or is having a "meltdown." I have no clinical insight to offer, but I do see an analogy to a well-known practice of some of those bent on extinguishing their own lives. Certain people with access to a gun lack the guts to pull the trigger and blow their own brains out. So instead, they pull their gun on a police officer and threaten to kill him. The practice is known as "suicide by cop." I think Coleman has invented "career suicide by blogger."


Hugh Hewitt's new theory

Hugh Hewitt has published an intriguing theory of the blogosphere versus the "legacy media" that deserves intense analysis and discussion - because he's exactly right:

In legacy media there is now much dismay. Many of their biggest names appear not too understand that they are distrusted by more than half of America, and don't even seem to recognize their own contempt for majoritarian positions.

Saturday, December 25, 2004


Merry Christmas

On vacation with family - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Bless Ann Coulter

We've been on vacation, but no one can pass up a few juicy observations by Ann Coulter:

On the bright side, this is the first war America has been in where the number of casualties is small enough that it would even be theoretically possible for a Defense secretary to sign each condolence letter personally. When Democrats were running the Vietnam War, letters of condolence often began, "To whom it may concern" and were addressed to "occupant."

Most politicians were mum about Autopen-gate, inasmuch as they respond to letters from constituents with dying children in letters signed by autopen. Not Sen. Chuck Hagel, D-Neb. He criticized Rumsfeld for the autopen, saying: "My goodness, that's the least that we could expect out of the secretary of defense, is having some personal attention paid by him."

Friday, December 17, 2004


More MSM bias?

Karen Pittman discusses the Bush triumph in Afghanistan and contrasts the non- coverage by the Washington Post and other media versus the celebration of Clinton's failures as victories. Her observation of bias is on target and well said:

Even Clinton's failures wrought more coverage than Bush's successes. Bill Clinton's botched attempts to negotiate a Middle East peace accord merited more press than George Bush's implementation of democracy in the heart of that backward, benighted region.

That is how the media's bias insidiously corrupts our perception of events, and indeed, of history itself, even as it is made. Bias is conveyed not merely by the way in which the news is covered, but by which news is covered, and in what order; by which material editors do and do not deem newsworthy; and by which stories do and do not make the front pages.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Debunking legacy media

Hugh Hewitt takes apart the intentions of the editors and "writers" of Newsweak in an article on the Weekly Standard. I especially like the following graf:

What the blogosphere allowed to happen is the organization of dissent which is focused, credentialed, complete, and--crucially--publicized. No fair reader of Meacham's piece and the commentaries on it can conclude that Meacham produced good journalism. It is simply too one-sided, too agenda-driven, and too ignorant of serious scholarship to qualify as anything other than a polemic. The exposure of Meacham's folly doesn't guarantee that Newsweek won't stumble again, but it surely must give others in his position pause. The blogosphere has experts and megaphones. As Joe carter of Evangelical Outpost concluded "the mainstream media is only able to retain their influence by convincing the populace they possess special skill and knowledge. But as the Internet continues to fill with . . . debunkers, the media continues to lose credibility, influence, and power."

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Liberal hatred

Dan at Carnivorous Conservative appropriately fisks the hateful verbal wanderings of Margaret Cho - I guess she feels protected as a "minority". Hate is , as she shows, an "equal opportunity exploiter":

I think we've pretty much seen the dumbest of the lot, thanks Margie. You really might want to consider some, or more therapy. Obviously you've very little of a positive nature to offer the public discourse on a substantial issue of the day.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Election Fraud Stopped

The Washington State Supreme court put a stop to the planned and ongoing Democrat election fraud and theft by ruling that only previously counted votes may be recounted:

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The state Supreme Court on Tuesday unanimously rejected the Democratic Party's request that previously rejected absentee and provisional ballots be included in the hand recount of the governor's race.

In a brief written opinion, the high court said that under Washington law, "ballots are to be 'retabulated' only if they have been previously counted or tallied" — excluding those that had been disqualified by canvassing boards.


More Democratic Party Election Fraud

The Democratic Party of Washington State is not very original - following the script set up by their brethren in the Deep South of the 40s and 50s. They'll keep counting however many times it takes to "find" enough votes to win and deny the majority vote to their opponents. This "win at any cost:" strategy certainly shows these scum for the power-hungry and amoral character of their party. I'm certainly mnot surprised that the SAeattle newspapers are reporting on it as if there were no frud involved. These partisan MSM morons show no suspicion since it's their party that's will win by flagrant cheating:

The state Democratic Party has accused heavily Democrat and far-left King County (home of P.C.-crazed Seattle and Rep. "Baghdad" Jim McDermott and the power base of Sen. Patty "Osama Mama" Murray) of "irregularities."

Today the elections director of King County, Dean Logan, pretty much accused himself and his underlings of incompetence or stupidity or fraud or the inability to practice grade-school math or some such naughtiness. He said his office "mistakenly" rejected 561 absentee ballots - including that of King County Council Chairman Larry Phillips, according to the Seattle Times.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


Nannies Unanimous

If the New York Nannie would spend less time counseling our dietary habits and more time correcting their lies and misrepresentations, we would all benefit. To back up the "Food Police" of Sidney Wolfe is as irresponsible as their campaign to redefine marriage:

Dan Aykroyd once played a toy manufacturer on "Saturday Night Live" who sold children perilous products like bags of glass. If he branched into fast food, Mr. Aykroyd's character would probably have come up with Hardee's new Monster Thickburger, an artery-clogging mountain of Angus beef slabs, bacon, American cheese and mayonnaise on a buttered sesame-seed bun. It weighs in at 1,420 calories and 107 grams of fat - quite possibly one of the most lethal pieces of food out there.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest calls it "the height of corporate irresponsibility


Cultures of death

Peter Pettus discusses at length the modern impact and horror of politically correct "diversity" and "multi-culturalism. Maybe the "native americans" weren't so "innocent" and "unspoiled" after all:

Let us suppose that you are living in the great city of Tenochtitlan (today’s Mexico City) in the glory days of the Aztec Empire—that is, before the arrival of Cortés and the Spaniards. And let us imagine that you are worried—very, very worried. Will the sun rise tomorrow? What if it doesn’t? What if it never comes up again? We must do something to make sure the sun rises tomorrow or we are doomed!

Well, luckily for you, the Emperor, the leading nobles, and the chief priests have given this matter a great deal of thought. What we must do, they explain, is have the chief priest rip the hearts out of thousands of living humans, toss the hearts into a large stone container as food for the gods, and then hurl the bloody bodies down the steps of the Great Temple, whereupon they will be carefully butchered, cooked up, and eaten by the elite. There! That ought to do it! And sure enough, the sun does come up the next day!

Is this what we learn from the monumental exhibition on the Aztecs currently installed at the Guggenheim Museum? Not at all. The existence of human sacrifice is gently alluded to, but certainly not emphasized. The issue of cannibalism is not mentioned at all, although it is an established fact that the Aztecs practiced cannibalism. The overall tone of the exhibition conforms to the prevailing mood of multicultural sensitivity and “understanding,” but we should no longer be surprised by that. The museum bookstore has a children’s book illustrating this bizarre culture. One sees weirdly jarring images of immaculately dressed small brown people going happily about their daily lives, apparently oblivious to the avalanche of carnage which is the very essence of their culture

Friday, December 10, 2004


Honored Guests

Inside the Ring reports a "happening" at the Pentagon that I find very moving. Talk about "red-state" feelings in a "blue-state" geography. Got my eyes a little damp, too:

The Pentagon has begun honoring the wounded from the war on terrorism by inviting service members hospitalized at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to spend a few hours at the Pentagon.
Last week, one such entourage arrived for a tour and lunch. This is how one witness described the scene.
"At 1030 several wounded soldiers, sailors and Marines arrived from Walter Reed. They limped, were wheeled, and made their way through several corridors on a little tour of the building on their way to the Executive Dining Room.
"The halls were two deep on each side with Pentagon workers paying tribute. This allowed only a few feet of passageway. The line of wounded took several minutes to make their way past. The whole time the crowd applauded and reached out to shake hands (bandages) or pat the backs of the injured. The sound of the clapping would peal down the halls and cheers could be heard.
"Needless to say it was emotional and several Pentagonites' BDU [battle dress uniform] sleeves were damp from wiping tears away. God bless those that have sacrificed for us."

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Fallujah Victory

This reporter (H/T to Polipundit) has his observation skills sharp and practiced unlike his ideologue brethren hoping for an American defeat:

.........The city's warlords, Janabi and Hadid, paid obeisance to the arch terrorist Zarqawi and competed for his favor by assassinations and bombings. They bragged their "martyr battalions" would cut to pieces any American force entering the city.

Deciding otherwise, the residents fled the city, leaving a few thousand jihadists to their fate. In a swift offensive, American soldiers and Marines swept in and hunted them down, destroying every house and mosque where Zarqawi's soldiers stood and fought. Seventeen-thousand buildings were searched, uncovering cache after cache of weapons. The numbers were staggering: Over 100,000 explosives found in just one section of the city.

Bulldozers and backhoes are now shoveling the debris from the streets. The few remaining insurgents emerging from the ruins have been quickly cut down. The other day, four of them fired from a cluttered alley at two passing Humvees. Half a minute later, they were dead. .......


Fellatio Burgers?

It's almost painful to watch the new Hardee's Monster Burger ads as various mostly females stuff their mouths with overlarge quantities of phallic symbols, even if you can get past the apparent intent to mimic fellatio in a symbolic way. I wonder if they believe they are fooling the FCC? The burgers are excellent, if the commercials were't so offensive.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


A way with words

Mike characterizes the Minneapolis Star-Tribune , adversary of Power Line and other straight thinking Blogs in a way I admire immensely. These opinions should be placed in the Blogger Hall of Fame:

The idiots who wrote and approved this mess for publication damned well ought to be embarrassed, but by the overpowering stench of their own vile hypocrisy. Think of it: when confronted with the biggest financial scam in human history, they can’t muster up even as much outrage as they did over, say, Enron. And just as a sort of icing on the cake, they can’t resist trotting out the usual sad little whimper about Halliburton. And all, mind you, while accusing those who are demanding an accounting from Khofi’s Krooks of being—wait for it—motivated purely by partisan politics.


Medicine, Surgery, and Doctrine on the battlefield

An AP article about the military medical system in Iraq shows the success of all the work we did in learning the medical lessons of Viet Nam, and devising new and more succesful ways to save life and limb. I feel a burst of pride as I read about the plans and procedures we in the Army Medical Department put together over the years of our careers and the success in now saving nine of every ten severely wounded. As the Instapundit says - read the whole thing:

By mid-November, 10,369 American troops had been wounded in battle in Afghanistan or Iraq, and 1,004 had died -- a survival rate of roughly 90 percent. In the Vietnam War, one in four wounded died, virtually all of them before they could reach MASH units some distance from the fighting.

Today in Iraq, real-life Hawkeyes and B.J. Hunnicuts have stripped trauma surgery to its most basic level, carrying ``mini-hospitals'' in six Humvees and field operating kits in five backpacks so they can move with troops and do surgery on the spot.

``Within an hour, we drop the tents and set up the OR tables, and we can pretty much start operating immediately,'' said Peoples, whose photographs are in the medical journal.


MSM arrogance redux

Atlantic Blog works some more on the arrogance of Birmbaum (see below post). His point that there is a question about the standards of Birnbaum, et. al. certainly hits again to the heart of their arrogant hypocrisy. I believe he's right that they simply object to any competition:

The chamber is one of a growing number of advocacy groups that blur the distinction between legitimate media and propaganda to promote their causes.

This last remark would be a lot more helpful if Birnbaum would tell us what constitutes "legitimate media" and how it differs from propaganda. Is legitimate media defined by being more accurate? And always or on average? Is is defined as not having an agenda? But reporters routinely have prior beliefs (or an ideology if you disagree with it), so is it defined as not being paid for advocacy? In that case, Walter Duranty was a propagandist because he was paid by Stalin to spread lies, whereas a Chomsky piece would not be propaganda because Chomsky probably believes his drivel.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


MSM arrogance

Jeffery Birnbaum of the Washington Post thinks he has a big expose of the "difference between legitimate media and propoganda". The irony is that he still hasn't recognized that there IS NO DIFFERENCE as long as the "cause" is left wing:

T he Madison County Record, an Illinois weekly newspaper launched in September that bills itself as the county's legal journal, reports on one subject: the state courts in southern Illinois. A recent front page carried an assortment of stories about lawsuits against businesses. In one, a woman sought $15,000 in damages for breaking her nose at a haunted house. In another, a woman sued a restaurant for $50,000 after she hurt her teeth on a chicken breast.

Nowhere was it reported that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, based in Washington, created the Record as a weapon in its multimillion-dollar campaign against lawyers who file those kinds of suits.

"We wanted to educate (the people) that their county is the laughingstock of the country" because of the large number of lawsuits filed there, said Stanton Anderson, chief legal officer for the chamber, which is a partial owner of the Record.

The chamber is one of a growing number of advocacy groups that blur the distinction between legitimate media and propaganda to promote their causes. One group has produced a made-for-TV thriller, intended for a cable network, to dramatize the danger of unprotected nuclear materials. Two lobbying consultancies have set up Web sites on politics and government that direct readers to position papers from pressure groups. The National Rifle Association, which has a national radio show, is thinking about buying its own radio stations.

The very sad fact is that the arrogant morons of the MSM can't tell the difference. I'll bet he wonders why "print Journalists" ranked lowest in esteem in a recent survey among the American public - EVEN BELOW REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS.

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Irony or reverse prejudice?

The following is attributed to Time Magazine:

New York – President George W. Bush’s cabinet is more diverse than National Public Radio, Tavis Smiley tells TIME in an exclusive interview. “It is ironic that a Republican President has an Administration that is more inclusive and more diverse than a so-called liberal-media-élite network,” Smiley says.
Why is this "ironic"? It appears to me that the situation is rather seen through the eyes of a racist and political bigot than an example of "irony". The saddest part is that even the Instapundit himself took the racism and bigotry seriously instead of as a kneejerk narrative.


The idiots of PEST

Betsy refers to Jim Bass' comments about the morons at the American Health Association (sic) whose exploits in idiot ratification and therapy have become so famous in the Palm Beach Post. It's interesting to me that a Google search of the words American Health Association yields only a exact hit for a for profit Medicare discount card group. All other hits are for other wordings. Do you suppose this group of morons could be not a "national professional group" as they imply in their press releases to the idiot "reporter" for the Palm Beach "newspaper"? I wonder about the legitimacy of the credentials of the "licensed therapists" who are the source for most of the quotes. The possible hoax state would easily explain the stupidity and silliness of the whole story. This would also fit in with the observed low intelligence and curiosity of the "MSM" and their employees.

Saturday, December 04, 2004


MSM spinning

The follwing headline and first summary paragraph appear on the AP:

Recount shows Alabama voters support segregation, poll taxes

Fri Dec 3, 7:11 PM ET

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A statewide recount showed Alabama narrowly voted to keep language in the state constitution supporting segregation and poll taxes, unofficial totals released Friday indicated.

It's amazing that the true characterization shows up buried deliberately in the later body of the "story":

But the measure also would have removed language that said there is no constitutional right to an education at public expense in Alabama. Opponents said removing it could have led to huge, court-ordered tax hikes for schools.
To print such is so typical of the treatment of the Bush administration and any group which might support them. Fortunately, few people that matter pay that much attention to the MSM any more. Does anyone wonder why?

Gov. Bob Riley said Friday he will ask the legislature in its February session to approve a version of the amendment that would remove only the constitutional language on segregated schools and poll taxes. That is what he originally wanted but the legislature decided to expand his recommendation before presenting it to voters in the Nov. 2 election.
I'm surprised they placed this at the end at all - but they certainly hope that the average reader will not have read this far. This is an example, not of bias, but of intentional misdirection and mischaracteriztion.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Peter Singer - Monster philosopher

Marvin Olasky discusses an interview with "the most influential philosopher alive". The answers Singer provides give a vision of a world more horrifying than the worst image of hell:

If the 21st century becomes a Singer century, we will also see legal infanticide of born children who are ill or who have ill older siblings in need of their body parts.

Question: What about parents conceiving and giving birth to a child specifically to kill him, take his organs and transplant them into their ill older children? Singer: "It's difficult to warm to parents who can take such a detached view, (but) they're not doing something really wrong in itself." Is anything wrong with a society in which children are bred for spare parts on a massive scale? "No."

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Dem underground hall of shame

John Hawkins lists his choicesof worst of the left wing moonbats vehicle for hate speech - a BBS called Democratic Underground:

2) Gyre: "I don't support them (the troops). We've exported our illiterate little kids with their tiny brains filled with images of Rambo. We've armed them and told them the enemy is a demon who doesn't deserve to live. Most of them are more than willing to believe that. They are stupid and dangerous and have no intellectual capacity to grasp basic concepts of democracy. They're a symptom of a disease that infects my country.

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