Friday, December 10, 2004


Honored Guests

Inside the Ring reports a "happening" at the Pentagon that I find very moving. Talk about "red-state" feelings in a "blue-state" geography. Got my eyes a little damp, too:

The Pentagon has begun honoring the wounded from the war on terrorism by inviting service members hospitalized at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to spend a few hours at the Pentagon.
Last week, one such entourage arrived for a tour and lunch. This is how one witness described the scene.
"At 1030 several wounded soldiers, sailors and Marines arrived from Walter Reed. They limped, were wheeled, and made their way through several corridors on a little tour of the building on their way to the Executive Dining Room.
"The halls were two deep on each side with Pentagon workers paying tribute. This allowed only a few feet of passageway. The line of wounded took several minutes to make their way past. The whole time the crowd applauded and reached out to shake hands (bandages) or pat the backs of the injured. The sound of the clapping would peal down the halls and cheers could be heard.
"Needless to say it was emotional and several Pentagonites' BDU [battle dress uniform] sleeves were damp from wiping tears away. God bless those that have sacrificed for us."


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