Friday, December 30, 2005


CIA, "Intelligence community"?

CQ says it best:

The pattern of leaks clearly shows that members of the intelligence community want to fight a war -- but rather than fight a war against the terrorists that killed thousands of Americans and want to kill millions more, they've chosen to fight one against the elected civilian government of the US. For some strange reason, those who claim to love civil liberties have decided to take the side of the unelected bureaucrats in this Coup Of The Thousand Leaks. When partisan hatred meets with professional egotism, the resulting bedfellows turn strange indeed. The Justice Department needs to put an end to this wholesale dismantling of the national defenses that have kept the US safe from attack for the past four years, and do it quickly.

Thursday, December 29, 2005



Only Mark Steyn could describe the CIA so accurately:

Of course, there’s no end of other movies out there. There’s Syriana, a film in which the CIA subverts a Middle Eastern government. Pardon me while I fall to the floor doubled up with laughter. If only the CIA were that good. The only government they seem the least bit capable of subverting is America’s.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


"THE" bluest state of hate

Merry Christmas and HappyNew Year!

Wes Pruden has a way with words and the capital of hate on the left coast:

But now California is one of the bluest of the blue states, where hating George W. Bush is the highest calling of the patriot. The bad news from Baghdad is the only good news and even a Republican as tough as the Terminator is reduced to taking Democratic cover behind a Kennedy skirt.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Dim leader understands democracy?

Dingy Harry, on Captain's Quarters:

We've become like the House of Commons. Whoever has the most votes wins. It hasn't worked that way in 216 years. -- Harry Reid, on the likelihood of losing a vote on budget cuts and defense spending, including ANWR

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Defeatocrats III

Mark Steyn:

And no, I'm not questioning their patriotism. Honestly, who can be bothered questioning anything so footling as Howard Dean's patriotism? If you're a Democratic patriot and you're outraged by my linking your party to the "insurgents," take it up with your leaders: They're the ones who've over-invested the party in American failure. And instead of being angry at me you should be ashamed of them. Your party is regarded as unserious on national security because it got it wrong last time round, when Kerry spent the last half of the Cold War siding with every loser on the planet -- opposing the liberation of Grenada, supporting the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. And at least that little Sandinista guy looked awful cute in his fatigues, like a novelty houseboy Teresa picked up on vacation. It's hard to believe a bunch of crazy mullahs and suicide bombers are going to do much for the lefty T-shirt business.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Defeatocrats II

Rich Lowry has fun with the poor traitors:

The Democrats can’t help themselves. The party’s attitudes about matters of war and peace were forged during Vietnam, and so defeat is stamped in its DNA. Learning what they consider the lesson from Vietnam — that the war dragged on too long when it was a lost cause — they consider declaring defeat the height of geopolitical wisdom in almost any circumstance.



Tony Snow describes the enemy with accuracy:

And yet, failure has not altered Democratic thinking an iota. John Kerry boasted dozens of times in his debates with George W. Bush that he had a plan -- for everything: dental care, tree planting, street paving, book binding, teen rutting, mass transit, air circulation, steel production ... you name it. He announced these schemes with a sense of triumph, as if having a plan were superior to having a clue.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Who's scared?

Captain's Quarters has a way with phrasing and wording that goes right to the heart of Democratic Party hate and cowardice:

The rhetoric sounds even tougher than one would imagine between competing factions of an effort with the same primary goal -- to remove the Americans from Iraq by scaring them out of the country, a tactic that so far has only been effective against the Democratic Party leadership.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Gender bending

After reading the following quote from Thomas Sowell, the spouse commented "Very true. but the difficulty is recognizing whether women or men are depicted at all".

My tastes must be behind the times. When I see women in "before" and "after" advertisements, I often think they looked better before.

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