Tuesday, December 07, 2004


MSM arrogance

Jeffery Birnbaum of the Washington Post thinks he has a big expose of the "difference between legitimate media and propoganda". The irony is that he still hasn't recognized that there IS NO DIFFERENCE as long as the "cause" is left wing:

T he Madison County Record, an Illinois weekly newspaper launched in September that bills itself as the county's legal journal, reports on one subject: the state courts in southern Illinois. A recent front page carried an assortment of stories about lawsuits against businesses. In one, a woman sought $15,000 in damages for breaking her nose at a haunted house. In another, a woman sued a restaurant for $50,000 after she hurt her teeth on a chicken breast.

Nowhere was it reported that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, based in Washington, created the Record as a weapon in its multimillion-dollar campaign against lawyers who file those kinds of suits.

"We wanted to educate (the people) that their county is the laughingstock of the country" because of the large number of lawsuits filed there, said Stanton Anderson, chief legal officer for the chamber, which is a partial owner of the Record.

The chamber is one of a growing number of advocacy groups that blur the distinction between legitimate media and propaganda to promote their causes. One group has produced a made-for-TV thriller, intended for a cable network, to dramatize the danger of unprotected nuclear materials. Two lobbying consultancies have set up Web sites on politics and government that direct readers to position papers from pressure groups. The National Rifle Association, which has a national radio show, is thinking about buying its own radio stations.

The very sad fact is that the arrogant morons of the MSM can't tell the difference. I'll bet he wonders why "print Journalists" ranked lowest in esteem in a recent survey among the American public - EVEN BELOW REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS.


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