Friday, December 17, 2004


More MSM bias?

Karen Pittman discusses the Bush triumph in Afghanistan and contrasts the non- coverage by the Washington Post and other media versus the celebration of Clinton's failures as victories. Her observation of bias is on target and well said:

Even Clinton's failures wrought more coverage than Bush's successes. Bill Clinton's botched attempts to negotiate a Middle East peace accord merited more press than George Bush's implementation of democracy in the heart of that backward, benighted region.

That is how the media's bias insidiously corrupts our perception of events, and indeed, of history itself, even as it is made. Bias is conveyed not merely by the way in which the news is covered, but by which news is covered, and in what order; by which material editors do and do not deem newsworthy; and by which stories do and do not make the front pages.


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