Sunday, December 05, 2004


The idiots of PEST

Betsy refers to Jim Bass' comments about the morons at the American Health Association (sic) whose exploits in idiot ratification and therapy have become so famous in the Palm Beach Post. It's interesting to me that a Google search of the words American Health Association yields only a exact hit for a for profit Medicare discount card group. All other hits are for other wordings. Do you suppose this group of morons could be not a "national professional group" as they imply in their press releases to the idiot "reporter" for the Palm Beach "newspaper"? I wonder about the legitimacy of the credentials of the "licensed therapists" who are the source for most of the quotes. The possible hoax state would easily explain the stupidity and silliness of the whole story. This would also fit in with the observed low intelligence and curiosity of the "MSM" and their employees.


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