Wednesday, December 08, 2004


A way with words

Mike characterizes the Minneapolis Star-Tribune , adversary of Power Line and other straight thinking Blogs in a way I admire immensely. These opinions should be placed in the Blogger Hall of Fame:

The idiots who wrote and approved this mess for publication damned well ought to be embarrassed, but by the overpowering stench of their own vile hypocrisy. Think of it: when confronted with the biggest financial scam in human history, they can’t muster up even as much outrage as they did over, say, Enron. And just as a sort of icing on the cake, they can’t resist trotting out the usual sad little whimper about Halliburton. And all, mind you, while accusing those who are demanding an accounting from Khofi’s Krooks of being—wait for it—motivated purely by partisan politics.


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