Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Canadian anti-American Hate

Antonia Zerbisias at TheStar.com (Toronto Star)accurately capsules the most widespread Canadian attitude about the US.....unfortunately, the Democrats also speak of their country with the same derision. I've highlighted the words" serious political discourse" in the quote to point out that this is limited to mean only anti-Bush, anti-American, anti-Republican polemics rather than "discourse". Read the whole sleazy attack:

"Thanks to your rush to kick off a new season of 60 Minutes II on Sept. 8 with big ratings, your
bungling of what the pro-war blogosphere has dubbed "Memogate," your hesitation to admit the error of your ways and your blinkered eye on the bottom line, you carpet-bombed the U.S. presidential race with bluster and blather about proportional spacing, nuking what little remains of serious political discourse in the U.S. and making the Kerry-Edwards campaign collateral damage........"


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