Sunday, September 19, 2004


Clueless MSM

The following excerpt( credit to Lucianne and earlybird) from an article by Ben Wasserstein in the left-wing Washington Post shows the cluelessness and defensiveness of the so-called MSM where the blogosphere is concerned. Obviously Mr Wasserstein and his editors are, as usual, too lazy and/or too stupid to do their homework and actually search even Google for stories such as Trent Lott and AP lies in recent posts:

"Early morning Sept. 11, a poster on the conservative Free Republic website exulted, "[A]ll of us can say we were there when a few people from Free Republic kicked CBS and Kerry ass."//bloggers are getting ahead of themselves by asserting that the CBS disputed memos represent the death knell for traditional journalism//it's worth remembering how many other news stories — basically, er, all of them — have not been broken by the blogosphere."

UPDATE: Powerline provides further evidence against the MSM.


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