Thursday, September 23, 2004


Dateline NBC/60 Minutes 2

Byron York on retells the story of Dateline NBC's fabrication of an attack on GM trucks and the similarities to Rathergate. The outcome will Hopefully be the same for both networks , with all persons involved in the lies being fired and disgraced (also linked to Outside the Beltway and Patterico):

"......./snip/ Gartner stood firm. While he admitted that NBC had used what he called “sparking devices” in the demonstration, he claimed that GM’s accusation was a distraction from the real story.

“GM sought to divert attention from the central issue,” Gartner said, “namely that there appear to be fundamental problems with the safety of its trucks.”

“We remain convinced that, taken in its entirety and in its detail, the segment that was broadcast on ‘Dateline NBC’ was fair and accurate.”

The short version of that is that Gartner was arguing that the “Dateline” demonstration was fake but true./snip/

We are now entering the third week of the Rathergate scandal, and there are clear indications that CBS News has no intention of following the meticulous procedures necessary to handle the credibility problem created by its broadcast of forged documents in a segment questioning President Bush’s record of service in the Texas Air National Guard./snip/........"


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