Monday, September 27, 2004



Courtesy of Lucianne and AFP, this hits to the heart of the debates:

"Honing lines of attack before the first debate of the 2004 White House race, President George W. Bush said Democrat John Kerry shifts positions on Iraq so often he "could spend 90 minutes debating himself.""
Quote of the day:

"President Bush has had to practice twice as hard to learn all the different positions that John Kerry has taken on the big issues of the day."
-Dan Bartlett, White House spokesman

UPDATE from Slate:

If the Election Were Held Today

321 Electoral Votes
182 solid, 139 close

217 Electoral Votes
153 solid, 64 close

Today's analysis: The five national polls that began 9/20 or later show Bush margins of 4, 4, 6, 7, and 8, averaging out to a 6-point Bush lead. Good news for Bush in Florida: Gallup now gives him a narrow edge. Good news for Kerry in Pennsylvania: A thorough Temple University poll confirms his small lead there. New Hampshire, where Bush had a lead outside the margin, is now a tie (we keep it in Bush's column for the time being), and both Arizona and Missouri have slipped from solid Bush to close Bush. Even Virginia is closer than expected. The trend seems generally in Kerry's favor.


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