Friday, September 03, 2004


Editor and Publisher Bias

This guy offends all of us who note that his candidate Kerry can't even accurately describe the distance between the Yankees and the Red Sox - Kerry stated 2 1/2 games during his whining rant last night when the correct number was 3 1/2 games - and the Red Sox are in Kerry's home town:

"By Greg Mitchell

(September 03, 2004) -- I can take the flag waving, the Kerry flip-flop sandals, the "Where's Waldo/Osama?" posters, but can we please leave baseball out of the fall election campaign?

Sitting in the gallery at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night for President Bush's acceptance speech, only one thing offended me more than the scarcity of people of color among the delegates on the floor below: the use of our grand old game by the Grand Old Party as the climax to the video that introduced the President." .........................


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