Wednesday, September 29, 2004


"Jimmah Carter sucks"

Denny Wilson at Grouchy Old Cripple (and Georgia resident) has some pithy and accurate observations about the partisan peanut farmer and his revolting family.....come on, Denny - tell us what you really think! I think you may be underplaying the damage caused by this dipwad.

".......I wish Jimmah Carter would just live out his senility in Plains Georgia rather than constantly inflicting himself on us.

There used to be a rule that politics stopped at the waters' edge and politicians (especially incompetent and washed up politicians like Jimmah Carter) didn't run around the world badmouthing the United States' foreign policy. That rule stopped with the Clintons and Jimmah Carter.

The whole Nobel Peace Prize was nothing but a jab at our foreign policy and Jimmah was a nitwit to accept it.

Anyway, Jimmah Carter talking about foreign policy is like Bill Clinton talking about celibacy. It's like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton talking about racial harmony. It's like Ted Kennedy talking about sobriety and safe driving........../snip/...."


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