Sunday, September 19, 2004


MSM Political Power?

Armed and Dangerous has an interesting and compelling discussion about sKerry and the MSM (hat tip to Vodkapundit):

".......A long-serving governor of Louisiana once boasted that he could not fail of reelection unless he was caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl. Thanks to Rathergate, George W. Bush has a lock on the White House unless he's at least as seriously embarrassed during the next forty days. Kerry's approval ratings are hovering around 36%. It seems that the MSM cannot deliver Evan Thomas's 15-point swing anymore — or, if it can, that the left-wing Democrats' base has dwindled to 20% of the population or less and the Democratic National Committee, too long swaddled in the media cocoon, is in far worse trouble than it understands.

Either way, the self-destruction of the MSM and the collapse of John Kerry's candidacy looks to me like no fluke. It is, rather, a culmination of trends that have been building for three decades. The trend in communications costs is not going to reverse. Therefore media gatekeepers will continue to lose power, voluntary subcultures will continue to gain influence, and the MSM's ability to set agendas will soon be one with the dust of history."


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