Monday, September 27, 2004


Parody with truth

Michael Ackley parodies the actual rules of "elitist apologies". Unfortunately, it parallels the actual happenings too closely:

  1. "If caught in a serious error, especially one occasioned by your own, questionable motives, always say you "regret," not that you are "apologizing" or "sorry." The first implies that you are feeling pain; the latter two may be taken to connote penitence or contrition.
  2. Always express regret about your "judgment" rather than your intent. Imply your error was the result of your zeal to "get the story," rather than your zeal to advance your philosophical or political agenda. People will forgive the former, but not the latter.
  3. If your error damaged or was designed to damage somebody – say, a political candidates – always pretend that your viewers rather than your target are the aggrieved parties. Never apologize to your real victims."


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