Tuesday, September 28, 2004


The Peanut Partisan Hack

Jane Galt has some suggestions for "Jimmah's" latest outrage. It's a shame he's such a hypocrite and ineffective international "leader". Also linked to Outside the Beltway.

"/snip/Your outrage at the idea of a supervisor brazenly allowing people to vote for someone other than Al Gore might give people the mistaken idea that you care less about having democratic elections than having Democratic elections./snip/

.......Just some suggestions. It would be a shame to squander your reputation by accidentally implying that your ideals are subservient to your ideology."

The New York Post seems to have similar problems with the old hypocrite and dictator lover:

"......Jimmy Carter seems to have a thing for heavy-handed rulers; before Chavez, there was his affection for North Korea's Stalinist thug, Kim Jong Il.

That's between the former president and his conscience, of course. But he would do well to butt out of America's sometimes flawed, but fundamentally fair, electoral processes."


Peter Kirsanow of the US Civil Rights Commission adds some rational thought to Carter's partisan rant in the National Review Online:

....."Yet, despite his concern for the integrity of the electoral process in Florida, Carter fails to make a single reference to the real possibility of outright vote fraud — a problem that could easily be magnified in the 2004 election given numerous reports of problems related to voter registration and absentee ballots./snip/
......The 2000 election in Florida was not particularly unusual. The problems experienced in that state also occurred in many other states and in most previous elections. Even Florida's ballot spoilage rate was within the usual range. But Florida 2000 has devolved into a partisan talking point employed to excite the black electorate with allegations of voter intimidation and stolen ballots. No one disputes that the electoral process needs improvement. But highly charged allegations of bias and partisanship, especially with a racial tinge, won't accomplish that objective."


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