Saturday, September 11, 2004



I've been watching the development of the Blogosphere response to the BM (Big Media) attack on the President. I 'm proud of the fact that our brothers have forced a response from the BM, even though it's an attempt to maintain a deliberate falsehood. Now that there is no question about the inauthenticity of the documents and the so-called "verifiers" used by CBS/Boston Globe/NYT, is it possible that Rather and company will admit their mistakes? Not a chance, but at least they will have put the first nail in the coffin containing the shreds of credibility permanently lost by the BM, now devolving to the Blogosphere and the community of fact checkers and philosophers found on the internet. To watch the pathetic attempts of the internal enemy to blame Rathergate on the Republicans, or to excuse the traitorous nature of the standard bearer of the party of the left - John Fonda Kerry- is rather enjoyable. Perhaps sometime in the immediate future, a fact-based reporting medium can be invented within the free world - or maybe not! We can only hope that it can.


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