Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Smear Campaign

Hugh Hewitt reproduces the warning letter about the upcoming smear efforts by the MSM orchestrated by the Democratic Party and their operatives dually employed by the Party and the Media - read the whole thing:

"September 8, 2004

To: Bush-Cheney '04 Grassroots Team
From: Ed Gillespie, Republican National Committee Chairman
Subject: Brace Yourselves


In response to President Bush's Agenda for America's Future and a critique of his policies and Senate record, Senator Kerry's campaign is implementing a strategy of vicious personal attacks against the President and Vice President./snip/.............Of course, the President was called a "cheap thug," a "killer" and a "liar" at a Kerry-Edwards campaign event in New York, Mrs. Kerry has called the President's policies "unpatriotic" and "immoral" and DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe falsely accused the President of being AWOL............................"


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