Saturday, October 09, 2004


ABC and left wing bias

As reported in Drudge, Mark Halperin of ABC gives orders to his political news minions to not treat the two candidates equally.
We have a responsibility to hold both sides accountable to the public interest, but that doesn’t mean we reflexively and artificially hold both sides “equally” accountable when the facts don’t warrant that.
Puggs at Random Nuclear Strikes provides a insightful translation of the whole memo:

Translation, kerry is losing, so step up the pressure on Bush. Rather’s selfinflicted wound didn’t teach the media anything about being rabidly partisan, they learned nothing. So much education, yet so little common sense.
UPDATE: Carnivorous Conservative provides further insight into the outrageous hypocrisy and arrogance of ABC's wing of the MSM:

I wonder, is Mr. Halperin planning on moving into the Whitehouse so that when it comes time to make a serious decision that could impact millions of lives he can be there to help Kerry "grow" through that experience, too? If Mr. Halperin's sense of his journalistic duty isn't the hallmark of liberal thinking, nothing is. In Halperin's world he is, apparently, the commissioner of affirmative action.
He said, "One of the biggest changes in the last two years is that Republicans used correctly to believe that the press was liberally biased. Now, the Democrats believe the press is biased against them."

If I read that correctly what Mr. Halperin is saying is that Republicans are right to feel the media is against them ... and that seems just fine with him.


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