Sunday, October 31, 2004


Andrew Sullivan and sKerry

No Mark Steyn column or comment (hat tip to Betsy) can pass me by without comment, as he is among the most brilliant writers in the world today. His dismissal of the Andrew Sullivan endorsement and discussion of the sKerry illogic regarding non WMD/disppearing WMD in the latest attempted MSM ambush gives many of us a lift in spirits:

Sullivan's big idea is that the best way to force the Democrats to get serious about the war is to put them in charge of it. That's a helluva leap of faith -- and, in John Kerry's case, it's at odds with a 30-year track record of not being serious on the Cold War, Grenada, Central America, the first Gulf War, etc. As Dr. Laura would advise, you should never marry a man in hopes of reforming him.


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