Friday, October 29, 2004


Black Cat Theory

Mr. Tyrell at the Washington Times raises the latest Democratic Party "black cat" attack and goes through some of the history of previous attempts always aided by "their loyal MSM secretarial staff":

The stupendously unedifying display of a U.S. presidential election is now coming down to its last whoop-whoop, its last gross deceit, its last idiotic accusation. Naturally, once again a black cat news story has, of a sudden, leaped across the path of the Republican candidate, hexing his chances at the polls and sending him into eternal ignominy. That, at least, is the hope of the Democrats and their loyal secretarial staff in the media, both of whom gin up these black cat stories. The stories themselves are always highly exaggerated scandals heavily larded with the irrational and intended to stir up the moron vote. This story claims that vast amounts of explosives were left unguarded after being discovered by the Bush administration in Iraq and are now under the control of hostile forces that only John Kerry can thwart. ...................


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