Wednesday, October 13, 2004


The Debate as a distraction from the Playoffs

The beauty of switching between liveblogging sites while watching both playoff games and the football game is that you don't have to listen to the droning, supercilious, arrogant Voice of the Democratic Party. I switched between the following liveblogging events:

Polipundit thinks Bush won early on.

“With all due respect, I’m not sure it’s credible to quote leading ‘news’ organizations about… oh, never mind.”

– President Bush, responding to Kerry’s claims that “two leading national news networks” had endorsed his plans for HillaryCare.
Betsy's Page says:

Is Bob Shieffer going to ask any question that doesn't come from a liberal perspective?

Now, another setup for Kerry on how polarized we are. Watch Kerry to blame this on Bush. I've lost count of how many softballs Shieffer has tossed Kerry's way.
Captain Ed, in a room full of Northern Alliance fans says:
This debate will wind up being recognized as a disaster for the Kerry campaign within the next 48 hours, and within 96 hours the polls will demonstrate it.
Matt provides one of the more detailed accounts and closes with:
Bush: Optimism, reform, education, health, compassion, resolve, freedom, prosperity. All up, no attacks.

Poliblog was also channel hopping:

I’m too tired to be overly eloquent or verbose this evening. My basic snap judgment: Bush won tonight.

Part of the question is how many people watched tonight versus the first night, especially with the baseball games going (and man, the Cards have opened up on the ‘Stros).

And, for the definitive word, Instapundit says:
SURFING THE CHANNELS, the talking-heads seem to be giving this one to Bush, and Candy Crowley notes that Kerry felt he had to stress, again, that he could be trusted to defend America. Mary Beth Cahill tries to respond, but she doesn't sound like she means it -- in fact, she sounds like she's been crying. Laryngitis? Who put her on camera?
And as we close tonight, both ballgames are still playing, and we still got a good picture of the "Debate".


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