Friday, October 01, 2004


A decisive result?

Ronald Wieck at The American Thinker shows some of the failure to think and knee-JERK positions of the democRats in his evaluation of the debate(?) or joint press conference last night:

"A funny thing happened last night: the man who won the debate lost the election. President Bush was off his game and Senator Kerry delivered a polished performance (please, no manicure jokes). The assembled media-types—a dazzling array of pundits, flacks, spinners, and other desperadoes—awarded the nod to Kerry, unsurprisingly. To the mainstream media, the Democrat is always the winner of these bouts, but on occasion he actually is, and this time several instant polls backed the verdict..../snip/....

.......George Bush’s delivery was hesitant at times; he sounded gratingly Texan; he looked short. John Kerry’s voice was sonorous and his bearing, patrician. And at the end of the night, Bush remained the man who would always defend America; Kerry, the man who would have to clear it with Jacques Chirac."


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