Friday, October 22, 2004


Democratic Party Rage and Hatred

Silverwing at SSDB seems to have analyzed accurately the hidden reasons for the hatred and internal meanesses displayed by the modern Democrats. Read the entire article and be enlightened. We win - they go, maybe forever:

I think - IMHO - that the Democratic leadership is facing a genuine turning point in their history, just as the rest of the nation is, but for them it’s a whole lot more dangerous. As a nation, we’re resilient - we could probably survive four years of President Kerry, because the system is set up so that no one man - or party - can do terminal damage. The problem here is that from everything I can see, the DNC seems to be actively trying to wreck the system - the lawyer SWAT teams, the plans to scream fraud even when none is suspected, the threats of litigation that could hold up a decision for weeks again. All of it seems to me to be intended to destroy our confidence in the system and in our own influence on it. Why would they be doing this?
Because they fear what could happen if they lose. For the first time, there is serious discussion about taking care of Social Security. There is serious discussion about changing the income tax to a sales tax. A Bush victory - especially a solid, unquestionable one - will bring these discussions into the forefront, and that makes them a threat to Democratic power. They can survive being out of office, but they cannot survive losing their hold on taxes and Social Security. To do that means they lose their influence. To lose influence is to lose. Period.


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