Monday, October 11, 2004


Electoral Illusions

Mark Steyn, as usual, eloquently and accurately expresses a devastating view of the John-Johns and their elite sponsors:

...... And yet, if you're as invested as the Democrats are in reconstructing the cardboard fa├žade of Sept. 10, 2001, before the terrorist attacks, I can understand why you would think Pretty Boy did a grand job last Tuesday. That's what my tennis/football analogy boils down to: one team's playing by September 11 rules, the others are running a Sept. 10 campaign. I find it hard to believe 51 percent of folks in states totaling 270 electoral votes are willing to cast a delusional ballot to return to the fictions of Sept. 10. But, if they are, so be it. If a majority of Americans want to pretend that the United Nations isn't a sewer of corruption and that the French are America's allies, not Saddam's, well, we'll just have to live with the consequences. ........


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