Thursday, October 21, 2004


International Hatred due to internal enemies

John Derbyshire at NRO Corner posts the following from a reader. It quickly becomes rather obvious that the observer has a correct insight:

A reader who is teaching in China: "One of the things I find particularly distressing is how the careless and hateful rhetoric of Democrats and the media have been swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the Chinese, who receive it via (God help us!) the BBC. Bush evil. Bush stupid. That's what my students believe; the dismissive tone of their voices, when they mention President Bush's name, speaks more than any words can. Democrats and the media are so insular, that they do not begin to conceive of the impact of their propaganda and how that shapes the way the rest of the world views us. What has poisoned the perception of the U.S. abroad is not the actions of GWB, but that of the Democrats and the media who noised abroad their disdain and lack of support for Dubya, all for political gain. Had the Democrats and media done what was right, the U.S. would be in different odor around the globe."
We are unlikely to get any improvement or diminishment of hatred and vitriol from the disloyal opposition (new designation for the Democratic Party)(there's a reason their symbol is a Jackass) during the next four years either. They just can't abide "not them" being in power and working to destroy the US with doctrinal socialism and the replacement of capitalism with "command economics". The only good thing about Bill Clinton is that he was so self-centered and immoral that he wouldn't take the time and effort to really hurt his country, and therefore did less harm than his followers and the current Kerry syncophants wished.


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