Monday, October 25, 2004


Kedwards and the impact of lies

For the past 48 hours there has been a buzz of excitement throughout the blogosphere about a story to be published Monday in the Washington Post or Times, purporting to be "about foreign affairs and Kerry lies". When I read the whole article, my immediate reaction and that of my wife was "is that all - just another Kerry lie?" The shame of this campaign season is that the MSM is so protective of the lies of the left and so condemning of the misspeaks of the center/right, that we all have the reaction above of "another Kerry lie - so what"! The Democrats have proven that, with the help of their MSM allies , the fascist/communist principle of " a lie repeated enough becomes the perceived truth", or at least makes the public so weary that it simply reinforces their partisans and no longer fails to offend or enrage. Thank God that at least we have our corner of the blogosphere to counteract the legacy media.

As Steven den Beste says in a comment to Jay Rosen (hat tip to Instapundit):

Technological change has always had profound social consequences, but few inventions in history have caused more political and cultural change than movable type printing. Before Gutenberg, "truth" and "history" were largely properties of the Christian Church (and there was only one Christian Church, then).

Movable type printing took away control over "the truth" from the Church and placed it in the hands of a secular elite.

Now the Internet is taking away that secular elite's control over "the truth" and giving it to the broad populus.

That's the connection. Everything you listed is a side effect of that fundamental change.
This "counter" provides hope for the future that may yet rescue at least the USA from the morass of hate and vitriol found in almost one-half of the population (the Democratic Party) according the the probably fictionalized "polls" which are spun to create "self-fulfilling ends".

The weariness of the public hopefully will cause a backlash against the legacy media and accelerate the reach of the new media.


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