Sunday, October 31, 2004


Latest MSM coverups

Captain's Quarters reports about the changing of the transcript at NBC of a Brokaw interview of sKerry from an admission that his military records are not public to dropping the admission. This type of coverup is fruitless because there are too many records of the original transcript, as well as the original tapes. Seems to me that the MSM hypocrisy and lying has again been exposed by the blogosphere.

................What happened to the rest of the answer? NBC must have decided to cut it off, but its excision appears to make NBC look complicit in an attempt to cover up an embarrassing admission -- that despite months of assertions to the contrary, John Kerry knows full well that he has not released his full service records. Unfortunately for NBC, they haven't realized yet that the original transcript still exists on their servers.

NBC needs to explain to their viewers why they felt the need to edit John Kerry's response, and who made the decision to do so. In an electoral cycle that has seen the mainstream media burn its credibility time and again, it looks like NBC is the next in line to self-immolate.


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