Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Mark Steyn's Rejection

Belmont Club has a deeply thought out discussion of the various reactions to the murder of the British hostage who was played with by the savages of the Middle East as if he were a mouse in front of a cat. The blame is, as usual, placed by the politically correct elite upon the victims and uninvolved governments, rather than the savage criminals of Islam. Mark Steyn's rejection of politically correct "editorial direction" by the Telegraph was an admirable act of courage and honor. Honor is a concept foreign to the "elite" and the savages of Islam who spend so much time in the public eye lately:
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Today, for the first time in all my years with the Telegraph Group, I had a column pulled. The editor expressed concerns about certain passages and we were unable to reach agreement, so on this Tuesday something else will be in my space.

I’d written about Kenneth Bigley, seized with two American colleagues but unlike them not beheaded immediately. Instead, sensing that they could exploit potential differences within "the coalition of the willing", for three weeks the Islamists played a cat-and-mouse game with Mr Bigley’s life, in which Fleet Street, the British public, governments in London and Dublin and Islamic lobby groups in the United Kingdom were far too willing to participate. As I always say, in this war the point is not whether you’re sad about the dead people, but what you’re prepared to do about it. What "Britain" – from Ken Bigley’s brother to the Foreign Secretary – did was make it more likely that other infidels will meet his fate.

Wretchard goes on to summarize several other equally cowardly and self-serving opinions from both the British press and the savages of Islam residing in Britain. The conclusion shown below should be imprinted on the foreheads of all the cowards of the Left:

Radical Islam is self-evidently at war with the West because their efforts are limited only by their capability. And the West is just as clearly not yet at war with radical Islam because its actions are still limited by its intent. Zarqawi sawed off Bigley's head simply because he could; America spares Fallujah from choice. That inability to think of ourselves as being truly at war underlay the rejection of Mark Steyn's column. He had only stated the obvious.


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