Sunday, October 03, 2004


Newsweak poll

Political ViceSquad (hat tip to Betsy Newmark) has a cogent analysis if , as they characterize it, the latest "Newsweak poll". Powerline also addresses the spin:

"Back on September 11th (good time for a political poll, huh?), NewsWeak belched out a set of data that was based on the following partisan breakdown:

R = 39 percent
D = 30 percent
I = 27 percent
Not stated = 4 percent

Earlier today, however, NewsWeak predictably began the last-ditch media push to try and take down President Bush and to replace him with John Kerry. Part of that process, of course, is and will be a psy-ops campaign to encourage liberal college students actually to vote and to suppress turnout amongst nervous, fickle conservatives. "Polling data" allegedly showing Kerry "closing the gap" or "catching Bush" will be part and parcel of that campaign.

Here's the partisan breakdown for today's "poll" by NewsWeak:

R = 34 percent
D = 36 percent
I = 27 percent
Not stated = 3 percent

In other words, they decreased Republican sampling by 5 percentage points and increased Democratic sampling by 6 full percentage points. Furthermore, this "poll" strictly was limited to the "Pacific and Mountain time zones." In other words, registered voters from the following states completely were excluded: Texas, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, and the entire old south.........."


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