Tuesday, October 19, 2004


The Plan, the Plan

(Hat tip to Right Wing News) Scrappleface explains how the NYT presents their SECOND endorsement of M'sieu Kerry:

.......Future President Kerry has a plan for every aspect of American life, including...

* rolling back tax cuts to ease the guilt of small business people by allowing them to cover more of the federal government's expenses,

* getting back President Clinton's $5.6 trillion budget surplus by reinstituting the 1990s-era irrational exuberance,

* removing the last stains of market forces from the health care system to prevent patients from being rushed into surgical procedures without the months of contemplation enjoyed by our Canadian and European friends,

* bringing home our backdoor-drafted National Guard and Reserve troops and replacing them with French and German soldiers eager to experience the glory of fighting the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time,

* bypassing the six-nation talks on North Korean nuclear weapons which have done nothing but isolate Kim Jong Il from his neighbors and allies, and launching bilateral talks between President Kerry and the "Dear Leader," in a fashion reminiscent of Madeleine Albright, thereby winning Mr. Kim's trust.

"For all these crises and more, Mr. Kerry has a plan. We know that it's a great plan, because he can't tell us what it is until he sits in the Oval Office. It's a very presidential plan. It's not a mere legislative plan, otherwise Mr. Kerry would have introduced it as a bill during his 19 years in the senate. No, this plan is something grand, something majestic, something unexpected, mysterious and special. Frankly, we sit on the edge of our seats, eager to hear the details of the plan from the architect himself during his first televised address from behind the big desk at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

"This is perhaps the ultimate reason why Mr. Kerry must be elected. If America fails him at the ballot box and sends him back to finish his final term as senator, we will never get to hear the plan. It's just not the kind of plan you can talk about in the senate."...........


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