Tuesday, October 26, 2004


The politics of decapitation

Mark Steyn's first accepted column since the one which was rejected (suppressed, censored, etc) continues the same vein after taking on the British press' call for the assassination of President Bush:

.......By the weekend, the Guardian had thought through the implications of Brooker's comments, and decided that it would be rather embarrassing to be flying in the lucky winners of the big Clark County competition for their US vacation only to discover, as the plane was diverted to Guantanamo, that the entire editorial staff had been placed on a Justice Department watch list. So in re Charlie Wilkes Harvey Brooker, they issued a clarification: "Charlie Brooker apologises for any offence caused by his comments. Although flippant and tasteless, his closing comments were intended as an ironic joke, not as a call to action - an intention he believed regular readers of his humorous column would understand. He deplores violence of any kind."..........

........The ersatz emotions that gripped Britain in the run-up to Kenneth Bigley's decapitation were also the product of a passive culture unwilling to come to grips with the real challenges it faces. A week ago, I wrote: "In the last three weeks of Mr Bigley's life, the actions of various parties made it more likely that more Britons and other infidels will be kidnapped and beheaded." When I say I wrote it "a week ago", I actually wrote it two weeks ago, but that first Bigley column got spiked by the Editor. Which I regret more and more, because the above point needs to be hammered home.

The kidnapping of Margaret Hassan is, very obviously and tragically, a direct response to the mass Bigley wallow...........
Perhaps if the Telegraph and the British Government had paid attention to his points, a person cold have been saved from the tender mercies of the SAVAGES.


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