Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Rathergate redux

An editorial in the Daily Times of Philly (a surprise since most of Philly is composed of rabid left wingers and Mumia defenders as projected by their "MSM main stream newspaper") puts the defense of Rather by his "peers" in a proper though delayed perspective, correctly describing the Jennnings et al response as a "disgrace":

"..../snip/...The bad news is the other networks, in the persons of Brokaw and Jennings, have joined Rather and CBS in attacking those who first uncovered the truth. They are trying to dismiss his critics as a pack of partisan attack dogs.

That won’t wash or work because there are too many real journalists appalled by what Rather and CBS have done.

They don’t make the millions of dollars the networks anchors make, but they take their jobs of getting it right at least as seriously as Rather, Jennings, et al. And they, by that we mean WE, won’t let them hide behind an excuse we would never accept from a business leader or a politician."


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