Saturday, October 16, 2004


sKerry's emotional immaturity

Dan at Carnivorous Conservative (read the whole thing) provides an insightful analysis of Kerry's hopefully last debate and the motives behind the Cheney slur:
............Finally, if you are still reading - how do I know the lesbian remark wasn't on purpose? Just listen to the tape. His voice lowers, he's embarrassed, that wouldn't happen to the Yale debate champion with a pre-planned or rehearsed line. It just wouldn't. What you saw was a man who has great difficulty connecting emotionally with the outside world in a time and place where he knew he had to do it. His mind remembered back to when Edwards used the line, it was something he thought human to say because his interpersonal instincts, weak at best, simply betrayed him. It was one of the few times he went off script that entire night. And, as usual with Kerry, whenever he does that - he's toast. He doesn't have the type of emotional maturity to speak spontaneously in an emotional context. Believe me, if he had run that line past any of his advisors they would have told him no and he never would have said it. He had too much to lose and nothing to gain and Kerry is not a risk taker. He's a compromiser, an appeaser and timid in how he approaches such things - particularly with so much at stake.


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