Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Thanks, Mr. Luskin, for your response

I'm constantly amazed at the reponses of the Blogosphere to meaningful observations at a level below the forgeries of CBS. Here is another example of simply reading several blogs and putting the information together where it would do the most good:

OKRENT IS CHECKMATED New York Times "public editor" Dan Okrent really may have to resign over his horrible lapse of judgment in his Sunday column, revealing the name and city of a man who had written what was, in fact, a mildly heated email to a Times reporter, and portraying the man as a hate-mongering coward. Read the man's impassioned reply in this open letter to Okrent -- I defy anyone to find Okrent in the right on this one.

When I questioned Okrent about it on Sunday, asking whether he had the man's permission to publish his letter, he said, "We called Schwenk only to confirm his authorship. He got furious, but in so doing confirmed. I neither asked for permission nor felt it necessary." If anyone at the Times was looking for an excuse to bag Okrent, he's found it.

Thanks to reader Bob Taylor for the link.


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