Saturday, October 16, 2004


US News Cocoon

John Leo, the only moderate left at USNWR, provides a parody which rings so true that I'm surprised Scrappleface hasn't published it without change:
Many of us at this justifiably famous newspaper are sorely vexed by assertions that we are somehow guilty of tilting the news to fit our editorial views. We can assure you that here at the New York Liberal Cocoon, admittedly the finest paper in the world, we don't operate that way. It is simply untrue that we recently ran a story under the headline "Hurricanes Increase Under Bush Regime." Yes, severe tropical storms were more rare during the Carter and Clinton years, but evidence conclusively linking Bush and Cheney to disastrous hurricane activity and Mount St. Helens eruptions has not yet turned up. We do, however, have several reporters working on it....../snip/.......

..........Part of our job here at the Cocoon is explaining how good and fair we are. Yes, it's a great burden, but we believe we are more than up to the task.


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