Monday, November 29, 2004


"Authentic" racism

Reliapundit analyzes the dichotomy of reality between the left and the right, accurately nailing down the racism of the left as simply another "group identification" which is the only means of left wing political authority. His essay deserves a full reading:

...............To the Left, people behave in ways that are infoirmed by their race and gender and class – if they are “authentic.” When people go against that – do whatever they want to do based on who they are as individuals - they’re “selfish” and they violate their membership and status in their group(s); they are inauthentic traitors.

Most people who believe in Natural Law believe in God, are pro-Life, and are for small government - and are on the Right. Most people who believe in the French concept of the Social Contract (as first described by Rousseau) are on the Left; they are pro-choice, and they want big government.

This - IMHO - is the core dichotomy which divides our electorate.

On this - and on everything else that flows from it - the Left is wrong, and the Right is right.


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