Friday, November 19, 2004


Cabinet qualifications

From Scrappleface (hat tip to Betsy):

Expert Warns of 'Bickering Deficit' in New Bush Cabinet
by Scott Ott

(2004-11-17) -- The Bush administration faces the "grave and growing threat of a bickering deficit" which will jeopardize U.S. foreign policy during the president's second term, according to an unnamed future former senior administration official.

"We've gone from feast to famine when it comes to the intra-Cabinet squabbling which is essential to formulating a globally-respected foreign policy," said the official. "It is crucial that the president appoint department secretaries who not only disagree with his philosophy and strategy, but also personally dislike each other, envy the president and don't mind talking about it with reporters."

Many long-time employees in the departments of state and defense have also privately expressed alarm at the president's nomination of Condoleezza Rice as secretary of state.

"I hope the Senate will do something to head off this train wreck at Foggy Bottom," said the anonymous source. "Otherwise, America will be represented abroad by a competent, hard working woman who understands the president's objectives, shares his philosophy and has earned his trust. How can anything good come from that?"

Shockwaves have also rippled through news organizations, as editors and producers scramble to retool their foreign policy coverage strategies in the face of what one called "the leak drought which could result from a cabinet focused on accomplishment rather than individual self-aggrandizement."


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