Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Liberals are racists!!!!!

Neocom discusses the recent plethora of liberal (Democrat) racism regarding the elevation of Dr Rice to Secretary of State, and personal discussions of "affirmative action". Their hatefulness and racist cant toward her is incredibly vicious, and is, of course defended as appropriate comment by the denizens of the MSM. Whether it's found in print (cartoons and editorials), or electronic media - the nasty spew of the left is offensive and deeply racist:

........The only thing more amazing than the racism emanating from the left is their inability to handle people questioning them on it. On Hannity and Colmes tonight, one of the discussion topics was the political cartoon I linked above. Ann Coulter pointed out this was a racist cartoon, and that anyone who supported it was a racist - Bob Beckle completely lost it. He proceeded to list his credentials for civil rights in a very agitated and angry tone..................

...........I think the reason why most liberals react in such a way to this word, is they realize they fit the description, and yet don't like being labeled with it. They can't react rationally, so they simply lose control. I see it happen frequently in public debate, and I have first person experiences like the one I just spoke about.

Liberals are racists, and they don't want to admit it.


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