Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Life imitates parody

If I didn't have a direct "MSM" source, I would believe this piece in the was straight out of Scrappleface. Some "reality based" authors and "therapists" obviously need a session with the cluebat. This is further proof that the other side is completely composed of idiots and "Moorons".

More shocked John Kerry supporters on Wednesday sought psychological help with “post-election selection trauma” in South Florida, prompting the American Health Association to officially release symptoms of the disorder and open its doors for free counseling.

“When someone commits suicide in New York and Kerry’s loss is even slightly connected, it’s serious,” Rob Gordon, executive director of the AHA, told the Boca Raton News. “There’s a lot of older Democrats here and they outnumber Republicans and you don’t want an epidemic of suicides with the elderly. So our counseling center is now open free to those with post-election selection depression, PEST, who need to exercise their demons.”

Note that the "suicide" referred to was soon debunked to be about his lovelife, not his politics. At least we now have proof of why these mental midgets all congregate in the same area of Florida. MSM myth and lying is epidemic.


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