Monday, November 15, 2004


Margin of victory

Hugh Hewitt explains against the MSM "wisdom" that the margin of victory for the President wasn't very large. His point is compelling with an acknowledgement of the full power of the MSM, academia, and entertainment industries arrayed against him and financed by a group of socialist billionaires:

"President Bush won in the face of the most intense opposition an incumbent has ever faced, and in the face of a huge, super-funded 527 effort against. He won with nearly all of the MSM arrayed against him, and as had been been coming to light in the past week, with a rogue CIA leaking whatever it could to defeat him.

So it stands to reason that the Republican majority is even larger than Bush's margin of victory, and the Republican realignment even deeper. In 2008 a new GOP leader will emerge to run free of the anti-Bush handicap, and that realignment will be on even greater display."

Perhaps the "hidden mandate" is saying that he should "spend his capital" because he really earned it.


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