Friday, November 19, 2004


More hateful vitriol

David Limbaugh ( a name sure to make some readers begin to spew spittle) comments on the MSM view of the President exercising his autority and powers post re-election under the constitution and their revisionist double standard:

................ Sydney and his cohorts need to get a grip. President Bush hasn't suddenly acquired a newfound disrespect for the limitations of his office. The Bush-bashers would be well to remember that we're still in the United States, and the president is operating and will continue to, under lawful authority.

If he exceeds his authority, there are proper checks in place to deal with that. But merely exerting his authority, which is all he is doing, is not abusing it. If these poison penners don't quit crying wolf over nothing every other minute, they'll lose what little credibility they have left.


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