Monday, November 22, 2004


NYT hate crimes

I guess they just can't help themselves. The name Adam Nagourney is certainly one who has shown his overwhelming hate of Republicans and Bush personally repeatedly and regularly while being supported by the extreme left wing editorial board of the NYT. Their fabricated and mis-interpreted poll as reported today has little relationship to the internal numbers of the poll. It would appear that the MSM has gone from hatred to unremitting propaganda:

........At a time when the White House has portrayed Mr. Bush's 3.5-million-vote victory as a mandate, the poll found that Americans are at best ambivalent about Mr. Bush's plans to reshape Social Security, rewrite the tax code, cut taxes and appoint conservative judges to the bench. There is continuing disapproval of Mr. Bush's handling of the war in Iraq, with a plurality now saying it was a mistake to invade Baghdad the first place.........

B.S is too kind a word for this pile of vitriol masquerading as political discourse.

UPDATE: Tom Bevan compares side-by-side the same information presented by CBS, and NYT. The negative bias screams out at you!


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