Monday, November 01, 2004


A Poodle Discharge

After all the rumoring and discussion of the dishonorable service and actions of the Democratic Party candidate, Thomas Lipscomb in the New York Sun has finally published a written record and analysis that certainly seems compelling to me. But then again the poodle is so low he could walk upright under a black cat already. Stolen Honour provides the context for Lurch's betrayal of all veterans of the Armed Forces. The Sun article only explains that there are consequences for treason after all, even if belatedly:

.............It is hard to see why Mr. Kerry had to file an "extremely late" application since he lost the congressional race in Lowell, Mass., the first week of November 1972 and was basically doing nothing until he entered law school the following September of 1973.A member of the Harvard Law School admissions committee recalled that the real reason Mr. Kerry was not admitted was because the committee was concerned that because Mr. Kerry had received a less than honorable discharge they were not sure he could be admitted to any state bar...................


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