Sunday, November 14, 2004


Religion of Peace?

Diplomad comments on the "peaceful" problems of the Dutch and their guests. Sad that they have engendered any resistance at all. Their whining was, I believe, invented by the American Democratic Party, and can be seen in manifestations of "emigration envy" in all the MSM.

We've been reading about and made a couple of postings of our own on the situation in the Netherlands, including one on the murder of filmmaker Van Gogh by an Islamic thug. We have seen numerous press reports and blog commentaries on the spate of communal violence in that once very tolerant country. Reuters (via Drudge) tells us that some Muslims are feeling uncomfortable and report genuinely "horrible" incidents of Dutch bigotry, e.g., somebody cut in line and said a few nasty things (Oh Horrors! That certainly justifies at least a couple of murders.)


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