Monday, November 22, 2004


Vicious Northern Racism is everywhere

A racist apologizing is no less vicious a racist - from I would expect no more, no less from the People's Republic of Madison. There is always a good example of tolerance on the campus, too:

Sly issues apology TCT

In the face of furious pressure from across the county, talk radio host John Sylvester has begun to apologize for racial insults he used against members of the Bush administration last week. After he called Secretary of State nominee Condoleezza Rice “an Aunt Jemima” and outgoing Secretary of State Colin Powell “an Uncle Tom,” Sylvester’s initial response was to apologize only to Aunt Jemima. But now, Sylvester has broken from his initial stance, and issued a letter to newspapers today that apologizes to blacks, but continues to deride Rice.


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