Monday, November 29, 2004


Vote fraud

Jim Miller discusses the most common Democrat vote fraud, the likelihoods, and the outcomes. It appears that the donkeys will be stealing another one on the west coast:
And if Gregoire wins this second recount, will I consider her win
illegitimate? Almost certainly yes. Not because of the glitches
in the recounts, which at times almost seemed intended to create Republican suspicions, but because of what I have begun to call "distributed vote fraud", the vote fraud committed by individuals, and made easier by our lax election laws. (I described the problem
here and here.)Here is my guesstimate again. If a Democrat wins a statewide election in Washington by fewer than 100 votes, then their margin almost certainly came from fraudulent votes. If they win by fewer than 1,000 votes, then their margin probably came from fraudulent votes. I can't prove those numbers are correct, of course, but neither can anyone who disagrees prove that they are incorrect. We simply don't know how many fraudulent votes are cast in our elections, but we can be almost certain that they benefit Democrats, net.


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