Saturday, November 20, 2004


Who knew 'til now?

Walter Cronkite has shed his "journalist pretense" to blame the current Republicans for the past egregious errors of his leftist Democrat generation. His hateful screed is proof of the failures of his generation and the mean spirit they carry forward to the present. I find it interesting that the very same policies of the 40 years of Democrat control are now WRONG and EVIL when practised by OTHER. Read Iraq as Vietnam, deficit as "New Deal" and "Great Society", and "Education" as government schools. Sadly, the damage created by Cronkite and his like cannot be repaired quickly. The following is extracted from the Miami Herald, a extreme left wing rag itself:

You want to get down to the nub of how this democracy is going to defend itself,'' Cronkite said. ``We've got to have an intelligent electorate and we're not going to have it because our education system is in a shambles right now.''

The most immediate problem, Cronkite warned, is Iraq.

''We have a war that is tearing us apart,'' he said. But, he added, the administration's deficit spending is a close second, creating ``a debt that will have to be paid by our great-grandchildren, and maybe beyond that.

''In the meantime, we do not have the money to do the things that we ought to -- have to -- do here at home,'' Cronkite said.


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